The continuous search for quality and perfection is the basis of our work. For this reason we try to offer our customers tasty and refined solutions to enjoy the best of the moments spent on board our cars, selecting ingredients and high quality raw materials.

Chef Fabio Sironi

These are purely indicative and completely customizable proposals.
Please report any intolerances or allergies.
All menus are completely customizable on request.

Salmon sushi


Rice balls wrapped and covered with tuna


Rolled with seaweed and rice with salmon


Rolled with cooked salmon, Philadelphia and avocado


Stuffed rolls as required by the oriental tradition

4 Starters to choose from:

Lime turkey miniburger with grilled spring onion, mixed sprouts and sweet and sour sauce
Cod cubes on chickpea puree **
Pumpkin cream with crunchy bacon and amaretto crumble
Salted smoked salmon cannon with Bronte pistachio nuts

2 first choice between:

Lasagnetta with fresh salmon and saffron béchamel
Lasagnetta with porcini mushrooms, crunchy squash and robiola cream *
Savory cabbage crepes and bitto fondue with hazelnut sage butter *
Savory sausage, chestnut and rosemary crepes with goat’s cream

2 desserts:

Pineapple skewers grilled with 5-spice caramel *, **
Alchermes tiramisu with orange-flavored almond brittle



*Vegetarian, **Gluten Free

Pumpkin puff pastry baskets and taleggio *
Flakes of pecorino cheese seasoned with savory puff pastries
Milk tarts with mixed salami and mayonnaise
Chicken salad, celery, flakes of parmesan **
Turkey salad, cabbage and creme fraiche potatoes **
Veal miniburger, tomato, salad, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce

Lasagnetta with white ragout flavored with mint
Lasagnetta with black cabbage, pumpkin and sausage
Crepes with radicchio, stracchino and pine nuts *
Pumpkin crepes, mushrooms and taleggio *
Lasagnetta with Bolognese sauce

Star anise fruit salad *, **
Traditional tiramisu with coffee
Pomegranate mascarpone delight



* Vegetarian, ** Gluten Free

Milk tarts with mixed cold cuts (raw, cooked, salami) and mayonnaise

Salted Focaccia “Palato Raffinato”

Pumpkin puff pastry baskets and taleggio *

Flakes of pecorino cheese seasoned with savory puff pastries


* Vegetarian

Culatello di Zibello DOP

Salame di Varzi

Cacciatorino nostrano cremasco

Coppa piacentina

Pecorino sardo

Malghetta bresciana

Focaccia rustica e sfogliatine salate



***Grazie a un’affettatrice presente a bordo i salumi verranno affettati al momento

Accompaniment to the drink composed of pizza, savory focaccia and salted chips





Our culinary offerings are subject to change during the year, in fact we want to offer fresh ingredients according to the seasonality of the raw material.



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